Legolas and Gimli for tigertatze

Thorin and Bilbo for crocochoo

Bilbo and Kili for captainclint

and Melkor with Yavanna for hatteeho 

Anthony Mackie as The Falcon




I’m with you ‘til the end of the line.

Arghhhh myyyyy feeeellllllllll


get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite female characters

Clarice Starling


A few things I wanna talk about:

Steve buying Bucky the softest things he can find because Bucky’s been living with harsh and cold for so long

Bucky in soft, oversized sweaters with a messy bun

Bucky lunging in cozy sweatpants and feeling safe enough to doze on Steve’s couch

Bucky borrowing Steve’s sweaters and making breakfast in the morning


dio probably is really shitty at typing and texting like his nails are so long he just cant hit the keys right plus he’s a dad so he automatically types lk dis

DIO: Wat^ Giorno ? wat u wnt 4 dnr

GIO: leave me alone dad

DIO: Miss n lv u son

GIO: fuck off

DIO: Groudned

DIO: Com hom nw

DIO: Son

DIO: Ggiono

DIO: Dnt ignr me

DIO: Za warduod